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Matthew Schultz was a founding member of Lab Report. This dark ambient band included musicians such as Genesis Breyer P-Orridge, Lydia Lunch and Chris Connelly. Schultz also designed 4 versions of the acclaimed A.T.G. or Anti Tank Guitar and utilized this instrument not only with Lab Report, but also with Pigface. In total Schultz has appeared on over 29 cds with 10 solo productions and 2 feature film soundtracks (Ivan's XTC and Snuffmovie) for Hollywood director Bernard Rose (Candyman, Paperhouse, Immortal Beloved). Schultz has covered an extremely wide range of styles from dark ambient to blues to jazz.

In 2010 Matthew Schultz unveiled The Division. This sound project is a reconstruction of ancient spells and rituals reinterpreted aurally. With the disc Mantras, Schultz delved into the esoteric and ancient fraternal order of The Division. He has reinterpreted the traditional texts and scores of the order to create a beautifully dynamic and sometimes disturbing disc that synthesizes world music, dark ambient, and magic or Matgick. Mantras is the first in a trilogy of discs that express all the aspects of The Division. The second album was Militant. This production covers a wide array of sensationalized, propaganda music. Finally, the 3rd album in the Division trilogy, Mandalas, contains binaural beats buried in the mix. These tones aid in meditation and dream states.  The numbers represent two frequencies that, when subtracted from each other, create a low frequency otherwise known as a binaural beat. 

Schultz's latest release 2024 is Sacrifice to the GodsThis album is a direct homage to Hans Zimmer's soundtrack to the new Denis Villeneuve, DUNE. Radically different from most of my old solo work, it still has some Lab Report-esque drone sections and some Division belly dance elements as well as some serious percussion. It also contains some mammoth tribal percussion.

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Selected Works


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