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The Lincoln Dome (working title) is multimedia exhibit originally conceived by Matthew Schultz, working in collaboration with Preston Jackson and Derek Frederickson. The exhibit is not only a collaboration between these artists, but it is also a living, ever-evolving work of art that can be a collaboration with anyone, anywhere on the planet. The center allows people to view it from on line as well as submit materials from anywhere in the world to be shown in the dome.

The Dome features a 10 foot high, 3 dimensional, figurative bust of President Lincoln sculpted by Preston Jackson. This stylized, but highly representational sculpture is cast in aluminum and has a highly reflective chromed finish. Above the sculpture is a 30 foot in diameter, half-sphere dome suspended with wires from the ceiling. The apex of the dome is closest to the ceiling. It features 4 video projectors, one at each side. There is also a speaker system built into it. The projectors can throw an image to the other side of the dome creating: either a 4 synchronized image montage or one complete surrounding or continuous image. The dome is suspend off of the floor with the base rim being 8 feet off of the ground. Visitors can walk under the dome and view the images from the inside. The dome was created my multimedia artists Matthew Schultz and Derek Frederickson as are some of the initial projections. 


The images that are projected in the dome can not only be viewed by looking up into the dome, but also by looking at the reflective bust of Lincoln. This clear reflection will allow the viewer to not only see themselves in the sculpture, but to also see the projections on the sculpture. People from around the world can submit films, poetry, music or images to be added to the archive. All presentations will be logged at the facility and on a corresponding website. A rotating staff of curators will choose what gets projected into the dome. Again, this makes for a living piece that is never the same experience. The venue will also take submissions from artists who wish to design a singular piece using the 4 projectors, the space, as well as the sound system. 

The goal of this work is to give the viewer the ability to see themselves in President Lincoln or at least "reflect" on how they connect to this great President. Yet, the work goes further in allowing the viewer to not only see themselves, but to also see other's work, that will be projected onto the dome and then reflected off of the bust. Each viewer will have the ability to see themselves in a facet of Lincoln's face, at the same time as they can see a reflection of the image being projected into the dome. This makes for a moment in time where the synchronization of the projection onto that particular facet gives the viewer a singularly unique experience. The work is therefore always changing and is always different. 

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