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Above are links to several pages of digitally created artworks. These are AI-assisted works, edited in Photoshop, and enlarged with the best upscaling resolution programs. Some of the images contain close-up section for you to view the detail. With that said, these are considerably high-resolution, clear images. They are available on canvas and wrapped around a wooden frame just like a painting. Shipping for these items is precalculated. 


Some are also available as just digital high-res 300 dpi Photoshop docs. They are often 60 inches at their longest. Therefore, you can print them any way you see fit. 

I also offer complete customizable works. That includes virtually any size and I can alter colors to fit your interior decore. Please contact me to start that discussion. Thanks!


This is the category of non-digital. Meaning, a handmade object from ceramics or multimedia. I charge shipping and handling as I often have to invest in quality materials to get the object to you in one piece. I also insure all shipments in case they are damaged. Shipping for these items may be precalculated but often is customized once I receive your address. 

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