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This is who we are

The Division is a fraternal order that has existed from the beginning of man. They are Guardians of the “course of humanity.” Working collectively or individually, they often fight oppressive forces helping humans along the way. Maybe you too would like to join the esoteric order of The Division and work to create a more manageable tomorrow. 

Divisionists believe in reincarnation among other things.

We have a strong history leading back to the age of Horus and the great pyramids of Giza.

We have maintained a presence since the advent of humankind and espouse moral and metaphysical ideals, which include a constitutional declaration of belief in a supreme beings.


According to legend, The Division is a sect of mystics. The modern version of The Division can be directly traced to the Duodecad. This was an order of twelve priests who existed during ancient Rome at around 25 BC. The Duodecad was extremely esoteric and the function of the group of twelve priests is highly disputed. They were believed to be oracles. The Duodecad originated in ancient Egypt during the early dynastic period around 3100 BC.


The contemporary version of The Division surfaced during the mid-nineteenth century. Dr. Baron Klaus von Heidelberg III brought The Division to the public eye and was considered by many to be one of the twelve mystics. As a doctor he had considerable healing powers and was sought by those who were terminally ill. Many believed that there was no malady that he could not cure. Dr. von Heidelberg is said to have been in possession of the Book of Matgick




Born in the Kingdom of Bavaria in 1863, Dr. von Heidelberg received his Doctor of Medicine at the university in the capital Munich. He was renowned for having a special touch as a physician and could cure many illnesses that others could not.
Dr. von Heidelberg moved to Stuttgart in 1885. There he befriended the great inventors. Gottlieb Daimler and Wilhelm Maybach had an engine shop at Cannstatt’s Taubenheimstrasse and were working on the first motorcycle.1 The Baron had a keen interest in inventions and locomotion as well as medicine and science. He was particularly fascinated with Daimler’s motorized bicycle.
In 1887 Dr. von Heidelberg moved to the Belgian city of Ostend. There he met Madame Blavatsky and was introduced to the Theosophical Society. By the 1890s he followed Blavatsky to England and was introduced to her inner circle of twelve disciples. Other members of this inner circle included Archibald Keightley and George Mead.2 
By 1895 von Heidelberg set up his practice in the United States, in New Orleans, yet he traveled extensively to India and the Middle East. He became a collector of artifacts and relics and practiced a form of magic for which he coined the term “Matgick.” It was during this period that his practice delved more into mysticism than medicine.

Dr. von Heidelberg disappeared in 1908.

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By World War II the emblem of The Division began to appear in photographs from the German military. Several officers may have worked inside the Third Reich in order to facilitate its demise. There they encountered the occult magic of Heinrich Himmler. One leading Divisionist, German soldier Rudolph Stiener, was a panzer commander, but fought from within to destroy the Third Reich. Some believe that The Division had ties to the Theosophical Society and was responsible for its demise after Madame Blavatsky died.



Born in Austria in 1908, Rudolph Stiener received his Doctor of Medicine at university in the capital, Vienna. As a child, he was a devoted Christian and was attracted to the priesthood.
Stiener was forced into the ranks of the German military during WWII. He was initially assigned to the medic corps but quickly ascended to Panzer division commander. He helped to create the motorized bicycle medics unit and during the war his company had the lowest mortality rate.
  Stiener held an odd position in the German military. Like many others, he was NOT a member of the Nazi party and detested the Reich as well as the war. We now know that he worked as a subversive to combat the party from within. He was known to utilize his form of Matgick to counter that of the Third Reich whose Black Order was created by Heinrich Himmler.3 Witness accounts and photographs indicate that he bore The Division insignia on his uniform instead of the normal issue for rank and classification. The standard for an officer's coat, which was manufactured in black, had a different collar insignia.4  
Stiener was also reported to have been a member of the Theosophical Society.

He was declared MIA in 1945

The Unknown Soldier was born in America in 1943. As an adult he received his Doctorate in Jewish Theology and became a Rabbi. Soon after, he was drafted into service during the Vietnam war.  As a Jewish Chaplain, in the military, he was in charge of the soldiers religious and spiritual needs regardless of denomination. He was also very interested in medicine.
He revealed, in letters to home, that he would be present at the June 9, 1965, ambush at Dong Xoai. This battle was under the command of Special Forces Staff Sergeant Donald Dedmon, who was killed in action.5  During the battle, the motorized medics were killed and the Unknown Soldier took over attending to the wounded.

He too was killed in action.



By the 1950s The Division's mission became centered in working within the media: radio, television and film. In 1968 The Division introduced its own news and information network known as Laboratories Synthesising Dna and The Division Television Vision. With its growing influence this enterprise was immediately disbanded and absorbed into the three main networks, NBC, CBS and ABC. Today work with Clear Channel and many other established corporations.  Below is the vintage production logo.

Schultz- Unknown wide touched up.jpg
Schultz- Unknown Soldier bike case.jpg


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The History of The Division touring museum exhibition - Selected Images of over 50 items


The History of The Division touring museum exhibition - The Sounds of the Exhibition

There are two supporting CDs for The Exhibition for the History of The Division. Please click on the image to advance to the disc. 
The first release was  entitled Mantras. Here Matthew Schultz has delved into the esoteric and ancient fraternal order of The Division. He has reinterpreted the traditional texts and scores of the order to create a beautifully dynamic and sometimes disturbing disc that synthesizes world music, dark ambient and magick or Matgick. 

The second release is entitled Militant. In this production Schultz has interpreted traditional, scored and orchestrated music often used as military propaganda. This album contains a wide range of emotionally manipulative music used to rally the troops. It was often used, in place of Flight of the Valkyrie, in both the Gulf War and Desert Storm. Click on the image on the left to advance to the album. 

The audio tour is custom made for each exhibition depending on the size of the gallery or space. To listen to the entire audio tour for The Exhibition for The History of The Division, please click below


The History of The Division touring museum exhibition - Become a Member

You made it this far and deserve the truth


The History of The Division is a touring exhibition completely made up by Matt Schultz.


It is replete with over 50 unique items. The exhibition includes: life-sized wax figures and the military medic's motorbike, 3D cave wall plaques, circus banner, Matgick kits, scale models, an actual full-sized sweat lodge, information plaques, artwork and even an audio tour. I made it all. Please contact

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