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Get a Liberal Out of America

A Crowdfunded Campaign to Get a Liberal to Leave America

Have you ever heard a right-wing conservative say, "If you don't like America, you should just leave"? Well Max Hertz says they should put their money where their mouth is and help a liberal leave the states.

Hertz has created a series of hate-filled, right-wing bumper stickers that he is giving out as rewards. He is also asking sympathetic liberals to help in his escape and has made a series of liberal bumper stickers for them. Although this campaign is steeped in satire, this campaign is true and Max is looking to leave the country. 


There are single bumper sticker rewards, sets of 3 or a complete set of 10. 


All donations are safe and secure transactions through PayPal.

International Shipping not included. Please contact me for international shipping costs. Thanks!

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