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Selected Works


Selected Works ~ CERAMIC


I started this body of work when I was living in Costa Rica. There, I was working with some brilliant indigenous ceramicists. These kind souls showed me that their art-making method was based on a very quiet spirituality, It was then that I began to make these forgotten gods.


This inspiration was originally founded in my studies with Mayan elders in Guatemala. They were quite polytheistic having different gods for different situations. I am also very inspired by Neil Gaiman's work American Gods where the gods of old were tired of being forgotten. 

These personal gods are created by me, by hand. They are to be adopted by the new owner and given a name. There is a hollow access in the back where the new owner can store a written mantra or manifestation. Or you can just hang them up as art. 

I continued this series as an artist in residence at Barry Brickell's, Driving Creek Pottery and Railway in New Zealand. There, I made the gods and hung them in the trees along Barry's railway. They are now guardians of that space.

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