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Get a Liberal Out of America

A Crowdfunded Campaign to Get a Liberal to Leave America

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Get Max Hertz

out of America!




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Have you ever heard a right-wing conservative say, "If you don't like America, you should just leave"? Well, I am Max Hertz and I say that they should put their money where their mouth is and help a liberal leave the states.


I have created a series of hate-filled, right-wing bumper stickers that I am giving out as rewards. I am also asking sympathetic liberals to help me escape and have made a series of liberal bumper stickers for them. 

THE SWASTIKA ARMBAND - Boohoo you Nazis. There is no Fascist armband here! What a bummer for you. I truly am sorry.* Actually, what I have here is the original swastika, otherwise known as Buddha's heart. WOW! I know you are shocked. They don't teach you that in any history book published in Texas! Did you also know that it is considered one of the oldest symbols and was used in many other indigenous cultures as a symbol of peace long before that silly dictator was around?
* Actually I am not sorry and I really am worried about you if you were here looking for a Nazi armband. The world is not that bad. My suggestion to you is to quit watching Fox News. The immigrants are not really a problem. Seriously. Try meditation or something to lighten your burden. I totally get the uniform fetish too. I mean Hugo Boss designed some great looking outfits, but again you really need to open your mind up, relax and drop all this Nazi stuff

$100 USD



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